Hi, I'm Jacco Scholten, a frontend developer.
I'd like to help you build your next project.
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FreeCodeCamp Frontend Certification

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A-Frame VR Boilerplate

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WordPress Theme Template

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HTML5 Responsive Template

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Mysck Fantasy Novels

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JoccaWeb Old

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FreeCodeCamp Certification

FCC's Frontend Finished

In april 2018 I finished the challenges of FreeCodeCamp.org's Front End Development Program.

Update: I'll have the extra challenges in their new version of the program (june 2018) ready soon. I'm also planning to finish some of the other certifications, specially the backend- and React challenges.

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A-Frame VR Boilerplate

For a VR version of your site.

Quite handy for making VR experiences in the browser is A-Frame. This JavaScript based VR framework is made by the people of Mozilla and is also based on Three.JS, for which I made a boilerplate earlier on.

Check my GitHub repo, and click down below to put on your VR headset and look around in the basic environment I created!

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WordPress Theme Template

A custom WordPress Theme

Any design into a WordPress theme.
Also any PhotoShop/Illustrator/GIMP file.

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HTML5 Template

A responsive HTML5 website

Handy for creating a working site-layout without a framework. Only HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla JavaScript.
Okay, I did use some jQuery.

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A Dutch fantasy trilogy by M. Beringo

The books of the Mysck trilogy will take you to the lands of Thelsor, Amandiƫ and the island of Myck.
There you'll be immersed in the adventures of lady Zelle and the mysterious count of Emstho.
For Dutch readers. Book III is on it's way...

joccaweb old

JoccaWeb Old

The old portfoliosite

A non-responsive design with some GIMP work, done with HTML, CSS and PhotoShop/GIMP.

people talking


Any design into a functional website or a WordPress theme. Responsive, mobile design and website restyling.

desktop, tablet and smartphone


Webdevelopment with HTML, CSS and vanilla JS. Converting Photoshop and GIMP designs to modern websites.
Automating the design workflow with Node.js, NPM, Webpack, Bootstrap & Sass.